Monday, December 16, 2013

today didnt exactly go as planned...

for the first time in who knows how long, we had a weekend that actually felt like a weekend. followed by a monday that actually felt like a monday (which is a good thing, because remember im insane and i love mondays). 

so i had every intention on getting all the chores done early and editing all the pictures from saturday nights church christmas party and doing a bunch of blog posts so that id have the whole rest of the week free for sewing. 

except, both alice and i were feeling pretty crappy today. alice is right in the middle of getting her two-year molars (and shes the slowest teether ever), and i seem to be having one of my weird fibro flare/low fever/swollen lymph node combinations that i get now and again. 

now the chores did get done bright and early, but alice and i basically spent the rest of the day watching movies and taking a very long afternoon nap. it was great. 

unfortunately that means that the computer was occupied all day and no work was done until after alice went to bed (as in, right now). thing is, alices crib is in the living room right behind the computer (remember, we live in a one-bedroom apartment) so i really need to stop because shes not going to sleep with me making noise. 

also, our power is going to be out all day tomorrow so nothings getting done tomorrow, either. 

so what does this mean? well, it means this week im skipping out on weekly wishes (which is fine because i totally sucked at all three of last weeks goals), and i probably wont have any of the posts i had planned for this week up until wednesday. maybe even later. 

but in the mean time heres a ridiculously adorable picture of alice in her christmas dress:

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