Saturday, December 14, 2013

weekend update #9

hey guys! its saturday! you know what that means? 

time for your weekly poverty luxe shop update! 

so whats going on this week? a couple things, actually. first, you still have two days left to get 20% off our order (and guaranteed delivery before christmas) in the shop. just use the code CHRISTMAS2013 at checkout. 

and second, i was finally able to order a new roll of elastic (poverty luxe is running under some kind of silly financial rules in an attempt to be more businessey and professional, ill explain more about that next week), so new skirts are coming soon!

and not just any new skirts, skirts made from these amazing fabrics that ive been hanging on to for i dont know how long:

yes, those are powerpuff girls, rambo AND battlestar galactica fabrics. it is going to be SO hard not to keep everything that im about to make (though that would be terribly unprofessional and not businessey at all, so i wont). 

oh, and if you were hoping for more of the pretty vintage florals, theres lots of that coming too, dont worry. 

its just. battlestar galactica skirts. 

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