Friday, December 13, 2013

some imaginary christmas shopping.

if youre on the internet at all this time of year (which im assuming you are, because, well, youre reading this), youve probably noticed that everyone and their mom is posting some kind of christmas shopping guide or gift inspiration or whatever. 

and if youve been following this blog for any length of time (which im also assuming you have, again because, youre here), youve also probably noticed that we dont have any extra money for christmas. this year (like every year, if were being completely honest here) our gift-giving list is pretty short, and (spoiler alert) everyone on it is getting something small and/or handmade. 

but the cool thing about the internet is that you can pretend anything you want to, and today i feel like pretending that i have infinite christmas money. sounds fun, right?

here are a few things i would buy if my bank account were magically switched switched with a rich persons (note: this is by no means an all-inclusive list so please dont thing that if you didnt make a personalized appearance on this list that i wouldnt get you something nice, because i totally would). 

for james:

source: urban outfitters

several new dress shirts, because right now, he has like, two. i like this one from urban outfitters because its can be fancy, but its not too fancy, you know?

for alice: 

source: musicians friend

a real ukelele. lately shes been really interested in playing our guitars, which i really dont like her doing, so it would be AWESOME for her to have her own instrument to play, a real one. because if my musician dad has taught me anything in life, its that toy musical instruments are a waste of money. 

for my sister:

source: modcloth
if anyone on the entire earth loves cats more than i do (which i doubt is even possible) its my sister emily. this AMAZING cat dress from modcloth would be perfect for her (actually, since were using imaginary money here, i think this would also be perfect for my other sister and myself too, and then we could all go out to lunch in our matching cat dresses because thats not weird at all...)

for my brother:

source: brotherworks on etsy
a leather bound journal for his dungeons and dragons stuff. because apparently hes a wizard, and wizards need to write down their spells? 

for my mom:

source: macys
my mom really loves cooking (which is awesome because shes absolutely fantastic at it), and she also really loves having matching sets of things. i think a nice new set of calphalon pans would be a good combination of the two. 

for alices friends:

source: cotton on kids

lots and lots of leggings from cotton on kids. they have the BEST prints ive ever seen for kids leggings, i seriously want to buy all of them every time i go to the mall, and that would be totally ok if they were for all alices friends, right?

 for myself:

source: asos
you didnt think i was going to do all this imaginary shopping without rewarding myself for all that hard work, did you? i totally dont need a new bathing suit (even for living next to the ocean i think i have too many) but how stinking cute is this one from asos? 

well that ended up being a heck of a lot more fun than i thought it would, for me at least... hope you had fun too!

what would you get your family/friends/self this christmas if money wasnt an issue? id love to hear your imaginary gift lists!

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