Friday, December 6, 2013

a mother-daughter outfit post.

 so, ive wanted to do a mother-daughter outfit post for i dont even know how long, but it never seems to work out. it really doesnt seem like it would be all that difficult, since both of us get dressed up for church and such, but usually if were going out that means were too busy to take pictures before leaving (while alices outfit is still intact/doesnt have any food on it yet)

but since we got all fancied up for thanksgiving dinner, i made sure that photos were taken because dangit this mother-daughter outfit post was happening now even if i was still technically taking the week off. 

so heres what i wore:

top: h&m, skirt: american apparel, tights: forever 21 (these arent exactly the same but very similar), shoes: vintage (purchased at buffalo exchange), necklace: macys (wedding gift), glasses: zenni optical
since it was, you know, thanksgiving, i wanted to look put-together while still being very comfortable and not at all restricted (for obvious reasons) so i paired one of my new tops with my very favorite skirt from american apparel.

im serious, this is the best skirt ever. its actually one of the three skirts that really inspired me to start trying to design the perfect skirt. i bought it with birthday money when i was 19 and its STILL my most worn skirt. yeah i guess its kind of short for a mom to wear but its SO comfy and look at those pockets. plus the mustard color is awesome because it goes with literally everything. 

since it was pretty cold i added my favorite lacy tights, and since i needed to do quite a bit of driving i decided on my nicest flats (which i wore at our wedding), and finished the outfit with the pearl necklace my grandma gave me at my bridal shower. i actually only just started wearing that necklace again because totally forgot i even owned it, because after our wedding it just got put in the "wedding box" and never thought about it until a couple months ago when it hit me that i totally have this really nice pearl necklace and ive only worn it once. 

so that was my outfit, heres alices:

dress: poverty luxe, shoes: hand me down (originally target i think), necklace: forever 21

alice wore what i call her beetlejuice dress, which i made for her i dont know how long ago but it somehow magically still fits (i thought kids were supposed to grow out of clothes really fast? i guess i was misinformed about that). the dress is my own original design, you can learn to make one here, hopefully soon i can find a good source for bias tape so i can have a line of them in the shop, but thats a project for another time. 

the shoes are hand me downs that like the dress, are from AGES ago, but are still a little big on her (im pretty sure alice has abnormally small feet for her age, which is actually great for hand me downs because it means she gets lots of barely used shoes that end up lasting forever). but alices favorite part of the outfit was that i let her borrow one of my old necklaces, she was SO proud of her real, big-girl necklace, and spent the whole day telling everyone, "look at my necklace! its an owl! hooooo!"

we tried to get some cute pictures of the two of us together, but alice wasnt very interested in standing still, and decided to accessorize with a pool floaty:

and thats what we wore for thanksgiving. hope everyone has a great weekend!

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