Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a very special giveaway with datevitation.com!

you know how sometimes things happen where the timing is just too perfect, like creepy perfect?

well you know how id mentioned earlier that james and i werent really exchanging christmas gifts this year? well i still wanted to do something nice for him and was trying to figure out what exactly that something should be. and right when i thought that a little book of date certificates would be perfect, datevitation sent me an email asking to do a product feature and giveaway. 

and you know what they sell? super adorable custom printed books of date ideas. how perfect is that? now, since james does read my blog and i dont want to completely spoil his christmas gift, im not going to share pictures of the book *i* made, but when you order a datevitation book it looks something like this:

most thoughtful gift ever? pretty much. why? because datevitation has thought of literally every single possible way to customize your book to be as perfect as possible. dont like the illustrations for the date ideas? well you can add faces and hairstyles so the little stick people look like you/your recipient:

like the idea of date coupons but want to make something similar for your mom/kids/grandparents/sibling/best friend? datevitation has that covered too:

they have a library of over 500 different date ideas for couples, parents, kids, etc., so you can make exactly the book youre little heart desires, AND you can choose from over 100 different cover options to make the perfect gift for any occasion:

oh, and not only is the turnaround time super ridiculously fast (i ordered my book on a wednesday and got it on saturday), datevitation books also come already gift wrapped:

super cute, right? especially if youre terrible at wrapping gifts like i am...

now, a 5 page datevitation book normally costs $25, which maybe is a bit more than id normally spend on a single gift but when you consider that every single detail is totally customizable thats not such a bad price at all. 

except, you dont have to spend $25 to get one. actually you have two options here: 

first, if you use the code POVERTYLUXE at checkout you get $10 off PLUS free shipping, meaning that you can get a super thoughtful and unique gift for just $15! (just make sure to order by december 13 for it to arrive before christmas)

or second, you can enter to win an entirely free one right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck, and hope youre having a great week!

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