Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 church christmas party part one: my outfit.

so.... i disappeared again. and im sorry. but not feeling good on monday and not being home all day tuesday turned into "i think im actually getting sick" wednesday to "yep, i definitely have strep throat" yesterday and now its friday and i havent done crap all week (seriously yesterday it took me 45 minutes to write a short email) and theres like two days till christmas and im freaking out about how much stuff i have to do (oh and now james wants to go down to san diego a day earlier? cue multiple panic attacks). 

oh, and i had a really good week of blog posts planned. and its just not going to be possible to catch them all up and still be ready for christmas, so, ive had to make some adjustments to the schedule. 

but the good news is im feeling much better! and while i cant catch everything up, i can finish my posts about the church christmas party that was on saturday, and all the time ive spent in bed unable to work on bloggy things ive done a lot of thinking about this blogs direction in 2014. im excited. 

now obviously i cant go hugely into detail about all the changes i have planned for the new year (thats an entirely different blog post for another day) one things for sure, theres going to be a lot more outfit posts. 

starting right now, with my church christmas party outfit:

outfit details:

dress: knitted dove (i got mine at a sample sale, but it was available from modcloth)
shoes:  thrifted (but originally from target)
necklace: macys (bridal shower gift, heres a similar one)
glasses: zenni optical
bracelet: vintage (you can read the funny story about how i got it here)

ok seriously, this dress. im just going to add another picture of it because its the best dress ever (even though i realize the whole curtsy thing is only cute when alice does it):

this dress. i got it at a sample sale when we went out for my birthday. it was $20. it retails for $100 more than that. best $20 ive ever spent. ever. i mean, do i even have to go into detail to describe its awesomeness? i dont think so (though maybe i should add that it even has pockets!)

and those shoes. i love them. theres a thrift store near my old house in lomita and for like, the whole time i was in college there must have been a lady with my exact taste in shoes and size because basically all of my fancy shoes are from that thrift store. i hardly ever wear these (for obvious, toddler having reasons), so id forgotten that theyre really comfortable. 

honestly my only complaint is that the neckline is a little high and i only have an 18 inch pearl necklace and not a 16 inch one (i feel like a proper lady would have pearl necklaces in all the sizes to go with all her dresses) and maybe the necklace situation wasnt ideal. 

im also really proud of the fact that i did my hair fancy without a tutorial (im terrible at doing my hair):

and it wasnt even hard! this style only took 10ish minutes (most of which was making the teeny little braids), and for a lady that never learned how to do an updo till her mid 20s, i feel like i did a pretty good job. 

also, funny story about my lipstick. basically ive worn my makeup exactly the same every day since i was like 15 (maybe one day ill do a post about my makeup routine), and as far as lips go its either nothing or mac you say tomato (which i just found out is discontinued but heres a similar one). well as i was getting ready i though "you know what would be perfect for christmas? a berry lip stain. its really too bad i dont have anything like that", but i looked in the vintage hatbox i keep my extra makeup in just in case, and lo and behold, there was the exact color lip stain i was thinking of:

so that was my christmas party outfit. stay tuned for tomorrow when i talk about the actual party!

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