Thursday, October 24, 2013

a job interview and an outfit post.

so you probably know by now that on tuesday i had to do something that makes me very uncomfortable and that i havent done in a very, very long time. 

i had a job interview. at anthropologie. 

meaning i had to not only look cute, i had to look anthropologie cute. mom cute wasnt going to cut it. thankfully i scored some fantastic pieces at the knitted dove sample sale at the silverlake art craft and vintage market and felt very well prepared (at least, wardrobe wise). heres what i wore:

sweater and skirt: knitted dove, cami: cotton on, tights: target, shoes, bag, and pin: vintage, glasses: zenni optical
 today im linking up with penniless socialite for look what i got because this outfit is chock full of all kinds of bargainy goodness. first off, right now cotton on has TONS of camis for $2. really. two dollars. this is awesome because literally ALL of my camis are super worn out and saggy because i refused to buy maternity clothes (p.s. im wearing this one, but i think i might brave the mall again soon to pick up some more). 

also my sweater and skirt are both knitted dove. i couldnt find the exact cardigan anywhere online, but most of their sweaters (im a big fan of this one) retail for around $80. i got mine for $15. and the skirt? you can get a black and white one on modcloth for $72.99, but i got an even better red one for $10. obviously youre so totally jealous, right? well if youre in the LA area, from what i hear knitted dove WILL be back at the silverlake market next month, on november 9th. if i can scrape up some spending money by then i know ill be back. 

once i put this outfit together i knew it was the perfect fall outfit, i mean, look at those colors and textures (and the cute little bows on the skirts welt pockets):

now, please notice my vintage whale brooch:

because honestly, i dont think there is any single item that screams "I CAN TOTALLY WORK AT ANTHROPOLOGIE" more than a vintage whale brooch, right?

oh, maybe silver dancing shoes?

or a kodak camera case bag?

because ive totally got those bases covered too. 

i really loved how this outfit came together, its just unfortunate that were having an exceptionally warm fall (i guess to make up for the exceptionally cold and gloomy summer?) and i probably wont be able to wear it again till like, january. 

as for the interview, honestly it was probably the weirdest interview ive ever been to. but well know by monday if i get a second interview....

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