Monday, October 21, 2013

weekly wishes #5

happy monday everyone! so you know how mondays used to be my favorite because it meant all the weekend craziness was over and now i could have a quiet productive work week? well, NOW monday is my favorite because my mom got alice ballet lessons for her birthday and it is literally THE cutest thing EVER. i mean look at that teeny tiny leotard!!! 

and as for weekend craziness, i am relieved to say that there was NONE! after back-to-back birthdays i was beyond stoked to have a REAL weekend, the highlights of which included james making a fabulous jack skellington jack-o-lantern (which alice is IN LOVE with):

and getting free yogurtland with my dad (ive been practicing my free yogurt stacking for a LONG time, and yes, i did eat it all):

then yesterday we spent most of the day at church and after-church potluck before coming home for very long naps. so by time i woke up this morning i was READY for monday. 

and you know what monday means? it means its time for weekly wishes! now weekly wishes is normally exciting enough on its own, but this week i found out that melyssa chose my picture as one of the featured participant photos! seriously? is this even real life?

anyways, as always, lets start with last weeks wishes:

1. clean out and organize alices clothes. DONE!!! i washed all of alices clothes and cleared out almost an entire rubbermaids worth that was too small. and since weve gotten to a point where we dont have TONS of bigger hand-me-downs waiting to be grown into, shes down to a totally manageable amount of clothes now. 

2. start testing out my knitting (and crochet) patterns so i can publish them! sort of. i made the kits for my testers but only managed to get one out to its proper recipient. BUT the project is still moving forward so im still excited (also i maybe got a little distracted and started working on some new patterns....)

and now for this weeks wishes:

1. keep the tv off as much as possible. so heres the thing, we dont even have a tv. because i think its a waste of money and too much noise and i dont want us just watching tv all the time. but we do have a computer and netflix. and um.... i feel like its been on ALL THE TIME lately. alice has been getting into grumpy moods where she ONLY wants to watch tv, and when james is home, he wants to have movies on just about ALL THE TIME. and im sick of it. im sick of the noise, the migraines (from the noise), and the unproductive waste of time. were not getting rid of netflix, but from now on i feel like one movie a day is all i can take. 

2. take some time to read and comment on other blogs. ive really been slacking on this one, and ive noticed this lack of interaction is affecting my motivation with my own blog (and shop, too), so this week im committing myself to commenting on at least two different blogs every day. 

those are my big wishes for the week, but i thought id steal this really great idea from allie and make one small, easily achievable goal for each day of the week, to see how it works for me. heres what ive got:

monday: photograph all the new bows for the shop 
tuesday: rock my job interview at anthropologie (!) and design alices birthday thank you notes
wednesday: enjoy my last knitting class (did i mention ive been teaching knitting at my churchs homeschool co op? well i am) and keep the groceries under budget
thursday: have a nice (and not ridiculously expensive) dinner date at benihana
friday: get alices thank you notes printed and addressed

so those are my wishes for the week, what are yours?

The Nectar Collective

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