Thursday, October 31, 2013

october in review.

hey everyone! hope youre having a super fun halloween today!

so, in an attempt to continue on refining my blog routine so that it has a more predictable (and easier to plan) flow throughout the month (rather than doing each week individually), id like to introduce a new "month in review" feature where i take a minute on the last posting day of the month (wont always be the actual last day because i think im going to keep taking sundays and wednesdays off, thats been super helpful) to talk about my favorite things (blog-related and otherwise) to happen in that month. 

sounds fun, right? i hope so. 

as far as family stuff is concerned, most of the month was taken up by alices birthday and my birthday , both of which im sure youre totally tired of hearing about. but i couldnt help myself and dug up a couple pictures that i hadnt used in other posts, one from when alice and i met jamess mom at disneyland the evening before her birthday party (seriously the most stressful disneylanding ever, but alice sure was cute):

and one from my birthday disneyland day:

obviously due to all the birthdays going on i havent been able to devote a whole lot of time to the shop, but i did manage to list some skirts and dresses from my old shop as well as tons and tons and tons of hair bows. plus i also made HUGE progress in my knitting patterns. so hopefully ive set things up for the shop to have a good month next month. 

the blog though. 

the blog has had a very exciting month! even though overall pageviews are significantly down from what i saw in september, im really excited about all the cool blog stuff thats been going on. i mean, i did my first ever sponsor spotlight, made tons of new blog friends through participating in weekly wishes,  sponsored a totally rad giveway (that you still have time to enter), AND actually made some money through my affiliate links. i feel like ive been learning so much since i started blogging but this month is the first month where ive really been able to see the results of putting those things into practice, and its been awesome. 

and what has alice been up to?

crafts, mostly. she got some art supplies for her birthday and it appears that now shes a full-time artist:

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