Monday, October 7, 2013

weekly wishes #3 (birthday edition)

hello everyone! how was your weekend? ours was exhausting. james was gone all week, and friday night alice and i went to disneyland with his mom. we had alices birthday party saturday afternoon (i promise there will be a full post about that later), and then, after everything we cleaned up, we headed over to the beach, because, birthdays. 
and im so glad we did because it was the most PERFECT warm, breezy fall evening with a crazy low tide for tide pool exploring (also lots of lens flare):

then yesterday my mom invited us over for lunch after church, which, because my mom is so nice and i did not want to deal with anything that was waiting for me at home, ended up turning into lunch, afternoon naps, and dinner. 

today was supposed to be a mellow, catch up day at home to get ALL the party stuff cleaned up and put away, but alice had other ideas and decided to stop up the bathroom sink and make a big watery mess for me to spend the morning cleaning up. obviously this made for a VERY cranky unhappy morning, but the good news here is that the bathroom and floors are REALLY clean now. 

anyways, enough about that, its time for weekly wishes! lets start with last weeks wishes:

1. finish alices birthday prep by myself. DONE! this actually wasnt nearly as difficult as i had anticipated. 

2. dont let the house fall apart. honestly, this was way easier than i had expected. my goal was only to stay on top of my normal chores, but i was actually able to find time to go above any beyond most days, and at least until friday night (when i took alice to disneyland and picked up james), the house was even cleaner than normal. 

3. get as much blogging done in advance as i can. YES! i did it! AND i kept up with it so for the most part (with the exception of time-sensitive posts like this one) im working about a week ahead on blog posts! and just like i suspected, ive had WAY more free time to devote to other projects. 

so all in all, it was a GREAT week, despite james being gone and alice totally taking advantage of my lack of help (maybe she was staying up way late every night. maybe). and now that alices birthday is over, its MY TURN!!! so here are my wishes for the week:

1. finish cleaning up all of alices birthday messes. this one is actually almost done, i mean, the trash and packaging is all gone, but now i have to find new homes for all of alices new presents...

2. make plans for a date night at benihana. i got my birthday certificate last week (have i mentioned that benihana gives you a free $30 gift certificate for your birthday), and its only valid on weeknights, so if we want to be able to go out by ourselves were going to need to pick a night and arrange childcare, asap. 

3. take a little time off from focusing on work to enjoy my birthday weekend! i feel like this is really self-explanitory. ive got a few things planned, and honestly i dont think theres going to be much room for sewing or shop or blog work. and thats ok. 

so those are my wishes for the week, what are yours?

The Nectar Collective

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