Tuesday, October 22, 2013

how i occasionally get free money. no really. free money.

so, today ive got a big job interview, and LOTS of hair bows to list and thank you notes to design and lots of other things to do so i dont have much in the way of an exciting blog post for you. 

but i do have a totally embarrassing secret to share with you guys!

you know those totally tacky scammy looking "make money online doing stupid internet stuff" sites? well, ive been using a couple of them for a few years now, and actually made some money. 

now i cant vouch for any other sites, but ive been inboxdollars.com and sendearnings.com, and while its totally not a meaningful source of extra income, this does happen a couple times a year:      

first, i want to start off by saying that sendearnings and inbox dollars are literally identical websites, but for some reason you can do both. both of these sites offer some different ways to earn tiny bits of money from doing various tasks (surveys, clicking on ads, online shopping, watching videos, printing coupons, etc), and that money gets credited to your account, and once you reach $30 (they take out $3 for "processing") in your account, they mail you a check. 

a real check. of money. not a giftcard that you have to spend somewhere specific. 

now because i, you know, have a life, i cant really take advantage of things like watching videos, and honestly their surveys dont pay very well (i prefer to use valued opinions). also since were beyond broke and shopping online went away months ago, cash back for online shopping doesnt do us much good. but heres what i do manage to use:

1. email subscriptions. theres a section of the site called "completely free offers" where you can do things like subscribe to an email list and get anywhere from .25 to 1.00 just for providing a valid email address. i just sign up for these using an old email address i dont use anymore. 

2. grocery coupons. if you print grocery coupons through their site, you get an additional 10 cents per coupon once theyre scanned. i know this doesnt sound like much, but if you print a lot of coupons (like i do) it adds up. 

3. referral rewards. this is exactly what it sounds like, if somebody signs up through your link, you get 10% of what they make, forever. the thing is, ive never signed anyone up, and im getting referral money. why? because once you cash out your first $30 check, you become a "gold member" and get randomly assigned referral accounts out of all the people that sign up without a referral link (if that makes any sense at all).

and most importantly, 

4. paid emails. both sites do these things called "paid emails", which are basically just ads. but the thing is, if you click on them, they give you two cents. again, i know that sounds like nothing, but both sites send several paid emails every day. and they take literally one second to click on. 

id like to reiterate here that i am super lazy and spend less than a minute each day thinking about these sites. and i still get an almost $30 check a couple times a year. not a bad deal, right?

if this seems worth a shot to you, here are my refferal buttons, and if not, i totally get it. 

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