Saturday, October 19, 2013

weekend update #4 + a BIG etsy giveaway!!!

hey everyone! hope youre having a fantastic weekend! i am VERY happy to announce that weekend update is back! for some reason i had very lofty expectations of getting RIGHT BACK TO WORK immediately after my birthday, but in reality it took a little extra time for me to recover from copious amounts of birthday-ing. 

but before we get to business, lets talk about something totally awesome and fun, ok?

this week, the lovely lisa at love to go - happy little things has put together a HUGE etsy giveaway that i am so honored to be a part of. honestly im a little bummed that i cant enter to win it, because, check out these prizes:

1. a handmade clutch (of your choice) from the happy cactus shop

2. a (totally super cute) geometric embroidery piece (again, your choice) from hugs are fun

3. a handmade tote bag (yes, your choice!) from love to go - happy little things


4. a FIFTY DOLLAR etsy gift card for whatever your little heart desires!!!

and please be sure to check out all the other lovely sponsors: 

what are you waiting for! enter to win here:

ok, back to work now. 

so, ive been working on the downloadable knitting patterns that ive wanted to do forever. and since working on ideas is totally different from working on actual things, its been kind of difficult to get myself to really focus on the task at hand (namely, crafts). but that being said, i did manage to carve out some productive craft time, and make lots and lots of teeny little bows:

in one.... 




FIVE!!! different fabrics! 

these will be up in the shop early next week, as well as the larger bows that im trying to finish up over the weekend. 

what do you think? which fabric do you like best? 

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