Saturday, October 26, 2013

weekend update #5

hello friends! is everybody ready to have an awesome weekend? i never thought id say this, but i am SO happy to get to go to work today! no really, i havent gone to work since october first so i am truly, genuinely excited about this (also corporate reversed some of the stupid changes that were keeping me from being able to teach). 

anyway, its saturday so that means its time for weekend update!!! ok, so remember last week when i made a whole bunch of cute little baby bows? well those are all up in the shop now, along with matching adult sized bows. for all of them. its seriously so cute im dying. 

and full size bow:

same with the white, blue, and red paisely. mini bows:

and full size bow:

then theres this super happy yellow floral, again in mini:

and full sized:

and last but not least, my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE dutch tulip print! in yellow mini:

yellow full sized:

 AAAANNNNDDDD white full sized:

seriously, are you not just DYING to make matching mother/daughter or big sister/little sister outfits with these? or is that just me?

i also added about seven more of the adult sized bows too, and am feeling REALLY good about my current stock of bows. 

which means now i need to turn my attention back to skirts. 

which means now i need your help. right now i only have patterns made for 2t and womens small/medium, and in order to add any sizes to the line i need to draft completely new patterns. what does this have to do with you? everything. 

because before i get sewing, i need to know what sizes of skirts YOU want, so that i can tailor my inventory to YOUR needs, because these skirts arent for me (though sometimes i wish i could keep them all), theyre for you. so please, leave a comment with what sizes YOUD like to see in my next batch of skirts. 

have a great weekend, ill see you on monday!

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