Friday, October 4, 2013

MY birthday wish list.

with all this talk of alices birthday this and alices birthday that, you really didnt think i was going to let you forget that my birthday is in just one short week, did you?

of course not. now i know that im an adult and a mom and im not supposed to make a big deal about my birthday and honestly i dont really need anything and im not expecting any gifts. 

but... if... hypothetically someone was interested in getting me a birthday present...

heres a short list of things i would like to have:

our hello kitty toaster that alice shoved a pen in and then i used it without checking and now it forever smells like melted plastic (update: also a comb) is NOT cutting it anymore, so this toaster would be a VERY welcome addition to our kitchen:

source: target
p.s. theres also matching blender....

its also recently come to my attention that my ipad case is falling apart. and this one looks like the PERFECT replacement:
source: target

and my wardrobe is um... not doing so well, and i really think it would benefit from a couple new skirts, like this one (for everyday):

source: AmprisLoves on etsy
and this one (for fancy occasions):
source: GoFollowRabbits on etsy

and some shirts that actually fit me (which right now is like, none of my shirts), like this one:


source: modcloth
but you know what i really, actually need?

a pair of basic slouchy boots like these:


or on the more practical side, an entire case of gluten free mac and cheese would be nice:

source: amazon

i dont know, i cant really think of any other actual things id want.... because i know an unlimited free supply of gluten free cake just isnt going to happen...

actually, just an uninterrupted nap would be perfect. thats all i need. 

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