Monday, October 28, 2013

weekly wishes #6

you may have noticed that its like, super way late for my weekly wishes post. actually i wasnt even going to do one until just now. 

why? because honestly ive had a rough week. i dont really have anything inspiring of motivating going on and alice is having a huge and terrible growth spurt and i really feel like everythings going wrong right now. i dont want to be a debbie downer so i wont go into detail, but lets say dropping my phone in the toilet is one of the smaller problems. 

when i first sat down to type this post the saying "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" came to mind so i decided i should probably skip this week. 

then this evening i realized that just because i had one crappy week (which to be completely fair was largely influenced by the schizophrenic weather making my fibromyalgia all crazy) that doesnt mean i shouldnt try and make next week better. so while i dont really have anything super exciting to share, lets get on with weekly wishes, shall we?

first lets start with last week:

1. keep the tv off as much as possible. best. decision. ever. the house is quieter, more peaceful, i can concentrate better AND alice has gotten much better at independent play (in just a week! how crazy is that)!

2. take some time to read and comment on other blogs. i think this is the first time ive felt like ive gone above and beyond on a weekly wish, all the way up until saturday (since i spend a lot less time online) im pretty sure i commented on way more than two blogs a day. 

and as for the daily wishes.... that didnt really work out like i had hoped. i dont even want to go through the list because its too big of a blow for my fragile perfectionist self esteem. 

so lets just say that thursdays goal of having a cheap dinner at benihana (made it out for just $8.50!) was very much a success:

aaaaaaaaannnndddd thats enough about last week. lets move on to this week:

1. finish alices thank you notes. i did the design, i made the list, and somewhere along the way forgot to order the prints and make the envelopes. so thats my big project for the week. 

2. get some more work done on my knitting patterns. so... "a couple small patterns" has somehow turned into "several patterns plus a more in-depth ebook (or two) and um.... i really need to get something finished because this whole self-employment thing needs to start actually making some money. 

and thats really all i can commit to this week, i really need an easy week (especially because james has school next week. sadface.)

hope you have a great week!

The Nectar Collective

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