Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the most perfect fall breakfast, ever.

its been a LONG time since ive reviewed a gluten free product, hasnt it? well, im going to freely admit that its mainly because this happened and i just needed a LONG break from doing any food experimentation. 

but then my mom went to the 99 cent store. and you know how my mom is like, a level 900 wizard at finding incredible stuff at the 99 cent store? you didnt? well, she totally is. this was her most recent wondrous find:

and even though i very much prefer savory cheese and garlic type bagels, these sweet, cinnamon and cranberry health food bagels were pretty tasty. they certainly didnt taste nearly as good as a real bagel, but i think im finally getting used to the gummy, disappointing texture of the "better" gluten free breads (because at least its not the dry, powdery texture of the "worse" gluten free breads. 

so all in all the bagels are nice. but when you top them with this (which i magically found on sale):

and the resulting combination:

was nothing short of glorious. i mean, pumpkin is probably my most favorite thing ever, so being able to have it for breakfast was just THE most awesome thing ever. and also a much welcome break from the cocoa pebbles ive had to eat every morning for the past few months. 

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